Upgrading Your Kitchen Backsplash

24 December 2015
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According to interior designers and contractors, kitchen tiles are the easiest, most convenient and cost effective way to brighten up a kitchen, and enhance its aesthetic appeal. In fact, a kitchen backsplash can be the perfect way to give a new look to your kitchen without spending a lot of money on a full-scale remodeling project. Since most kitchen cabinets and appliances are neutral colors, backsplashes play an important role to make your kitchen colorful.

Before you consider the materials and design for your kitchen tiles, it’s important to determine the perfect area to place them. For instance, mosaic tiles look good as your kitchen backsplash, but may not work on the countertop or floor. You need to consider these things to get the perfect look for your backsplash.

When it comes to your kitchen backsplash, you can get innovative and creative. Since this area in the kitchen does not get foot traffic, you don’t have to worry about serious wear and tear. You can utilize many different designs and materials for your backsplashes. Subway and mosaic tiles are some of the most popular choices. Even herringbone and chevron patterns look trendy and modern. When you’re choosing backsplash tiles, it’s always better to focus on bright colors and patterns.

Once you install these tiles, they may require some treatment for water and stain resistance. Before choosing this material, you should consider the design of your kitchen. It’s important to understand that natural stone may require more maintenance than other materials.

Metal (Tin) – Your best choice will be metal, including tin, copper and aluminium tiles. Metal tiles look elegant, sophisticated and last for a very long time. They are also affordable and easy to clean and maintain. With simple protective coating, you can make them shine like brand new forever.

Tin is considered the perfect choice for a kitchen backsplash. A tin backsplash is way easier to install than other materials. In order to install these backsplashes, you only need an adhesive, tin snips, and some small finishing nails. You don’t have to go through careful tile cutting, caulking or some other challenges presented by other materials.

In addition to this, tin is available at an affordable price. Therefore, a tin kitchen backsplash proves to be more cost effective than other materials in the market. If you want to install a backsplash while remaining within your budget, tin will be the perfect choice.

Mirroflex as another option

In recent years, most contractors have been using Mirroflex for a better finish, more durability and less maintenance. It’s available in roll and sheet form. This decorative surface is carefully fused to the substrate with proper techniques to create a high quality laminate.

It is worth mentioning that the composition of products created from MirroFlex varies according to various industry requirements. For instance, while ceiling tiles require non flammability, automotive products need high UV stability. When used with backsplashes, MirroFlex offers chemical, solvent and scratch resistance, and makes a kitchen backsplash more durable.

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