Specialty Ceilings

Looking for something more decorative? We have the experience necessary to supply and install all of your specialty ceiling needs. From clouds and canopies to metal and wood systems we have you covered.
Below are some popular specialty options, contact our sales department for more selection or pricing.

Elegance Coffered Panels


Elegance Coffered Ceiling Panels are very beautiful and simple to install. We offer a classic coffered look at a fraction of the cost of custom work.

Translucent Luminous Panels


Translucent Luminous Infill panels lay easily into standard DONN suspension systems and offer a high-tech, translucent look. They offer full accessibility to the ceiling above and are elegant, yet functional.

TOPO-3D Ceiling System


TOPO-3D Ceiling System is installed by simply hanging these molded panels from their suspension system attached to the ceiling, they give you a special Frank Gehry look that gives any room an undulating cloud-like atmosphere.

True Wood Ceiling Panels


True Wood Ceiling Panels define your spaces with a rich, warm wood ceiling. Choose from a wide variety of styles in veneered or solid wood finishes.

PANZ Metal Specialty Panels


PANZ Metal Specialty Ceiling Panels provide a no-nonsense ceiling solution that combines durability, clean ability, sound control and accessibility, all at a reasonable cost. Made of aluminum, PANZ panels are produced to exacting manufacturing tolerances. PANZ panels provide the hidden strength of metal with great looks and easy access to above ceiling utilities.

Serpentina Waves


The Serpentina Waves 3-Dimensional Ceiling System consists of a group of standard length curved and straight main beams, straight cross tees, curved and straight perimeter trims.

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