Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell fire rated tile and T-bar?

Yes, most tiles we sell have a standard Class A Fire rating, and some with the option of having a high Fire Guard rating.

Are your Fire Guard tiles and T-Bar suitable for basement suites?

Yes, as long as the area is suitable for a T-bar ceiling and everything is installed properly, we recommend consulting with your inspector to ensure that it will pass code in your particular area before installing.

Do you sell material suitable for bathroom areas?

Yes, most tiles we sell have high humidity ratings, and we also provide an option for aluminum T-Bar. However you will still need to ventilate the bathroom with a fan.

What are the advantages of a drop ceiling over a drywall ceiling?

– A drop ceiling allows easy future access to electrical and plumbing that may be above the ceiling for future repair and modification.

– A drop ceiling is generally more cost effective when doing repair work.

– A drop ceiling is generally quicker to install and repair.

Do you do installation jobs for Drop ceilings outside of Edmonton?

Yes, we install commercial and residential ceilings anywhere in Alberta. For jobs outside the Greater Edmonton area travel and LOA charges will apply; please ask for a quote.

Do you offer consultations for a T-Bar installation?

Yes, for both commercial and residential areas we like to come out to gather measurements and look at the area(s) to provide accurate quotations before we do an installation. There is no cost for a consultation.

What is the smallest job you will do?

We do quote and install small jobs; however there is usually a minimum call out charge to be associated with sending out one of our installers.

I need to replace some damaged tile, how do I find out which ones I need?

We have found traditionally the best thing to do is bring in a full tile if possible or sample piece for us to look at. You can email us a picture, however we have found it can be difficult to determine the exact tile, as many tile can have very slight differences difficult to notice on an image.

Do you have any other location?

Our facility on Gateway Boulevard on the south side is our only Edmonton location. We have a Solatube display in Calgary at Ultimate Renovations, 5056-11 St SE.

Where are you located?

Our Address is 6111 Gateway Boulevard on the south side of Edmonton. Driving North on Gateway, take a right at the set of lights at 61st avenue, and you turn into our parking lot.

Do you do installations for ceilings as well as supplying the material?

Ceiling Centre offers both supply only and full installation services. If you are looking for a quick, professional install we offer free in-home consultations. If you would rather tackle the install yourself we have knowledgeable staff that can help you with the planning and execution.

I want to do my own T-Bar installation what do I need to provide to get a quotation on how much material I need?

We need the dimensions of the rooms you are looking to have T-Bar installed in and the direction of the joists in the ceiling. With these dimensions we can calculate the material required and provide a layout of the ceiling. There is no cost for a quotation.

What kind of sound absorption and blocking do your ceiling tiles provide?

We provide ceiling tiles with a wide range of sound ratings to suit the needs of your rooms. Most tiles we provide have two (2) different sound ratings. The NRC rating is the percentage of sound absorbed into the tile that does not bounce back into the room. Tiles with High NRC ratings are designed for areas you want to reduce any type of echo effect (aka Theater rooms, TV rooms). The CAC rating is the number of decibels blocked by the tile coming into and exiting the room. Tiles with high CAC ratings are used for areas you want to increase privacy between rooms and floors (aka bedrooms, workout rooms).

Do you sell to anyone or just contractors?

We have a retail showroom for homeowners to choose their ceiling product and we also supply materials to the drywall/commercial trade.

Can we buy individual tiles?

If we have an open box we can sell individual tiles. Otherwise products will be sold by the carton.

How far do I have to drop down for a T-Bar ceiling?

Typically you need to drop 3.5” to 4” depending on tile thickness and T-bar.

How long does it take to order in tin panels?

Tin tiles usually arrive 6-8 weeks after the order is placed. If the tin panels are ordered without color, we usually see them arrive a little quicker.

Do you deliver material?

Tailgate delivery services are available for a minimal charge. Please talk your sales representative for more details.

Do you sell the Solatube lights?

Yes, Lightco Solar Systems is a division of Ceiling Centre and both companies operate out of the same building. We supply Solatube DIY kits and also offer professional installation by our own factory trained Certified Installation Consultants.

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