Types of Ceiling Tiles & How to Enhance Your Living Space

24 December 2015
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Ceiling tiles are considered to be one of the easiest, affordable and convenient ways to brighten up living spaces in your home. They can be sued in kitchens, bathrooms, guest houses and almost every other room in your home.

Whether you’re looking to match them with floor tiles, backsplashes or countertops, they can add more vibrancy to a room, especially kitchens. Since most kitchen cabinets and appliances are neutral colors, these tiles become even more important.

Before you consider what type of tiles, you want for your space, it is important to gather a lot of information. Factors like quality, practicality and cost will also have to be considered. In recent years, Styrofoam tiles and other such options have been extremely popular. Such products allow interior designers and homeowners to add a lot of composition and style to their living space. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money or make many efforts.

A lot of people consider tiles to be false ceilings. They are quite common in huge office buildings. There are many other choices you can choose from. Here are some common types of ceiling tiles readily available in the market. They can easily enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.

Suspended Tiles – These tiles are considered to be a good example of false ceilings. They are extremely popular in office buildings. With suspended tiles on your aluminium ceilings, wiring and exposed piping can be easily routed through the room, and covered by these tiles.

Due to this, designing the room is simpler and even provides homeowners with better access to electrical wiring and other components. In addition to this, replacing these products is very affordable. Thus, an office can easily replace or redecorate a broken tile.

Decorative Tiles – Copper tiles and Styrofoam tiles are the most popular choices for decorative tiles. They are smaller, and feature a complicated design. These tiles are available in myriad forms. Thus, there isn’t any single description for these products. However, all these tiles have the same kind of installation procedure. They are aimed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. Decorative tiles can be easily glued to your ceiling. They can be properly cut to fit any room.

Acoustic Tiles – These tiles can either be suspended or decorative. However, they have an additional feature of dampening the sound. These tiles don’t let unnecessary sound seep through the walls to the other room. They can be excellent for rooms with televisions and stereo systems. Tin tiles are an excellent example of these tiles.

Plastic Tiles – Plastic tiles are a good alternative to common plaster and wood tiles that homeowners easily find through retailers. Plastic is durable, cheap, and does not decay or mold over time. These tiles are also very lightweight. They are easier to install and maintain. However, they don’t give an elegant or sophisticated look like other ceiling tiles.

Metal Tiles – In the last few years, metal tiles are getting extremely popular. Most people prefer them for their aesthetic appeal. Aluminium, copper and other such choices look exceptional in every room. They can even illuminate a room, and brighten up your living space. As compared to plastic and wood, metal tiles even have more design options. They make a very powerful statement to enhance the overall look of a room.

Choosing an Appropriate Size – The shape and size of the ceiling tiles you choose will depend on the kind of look you want in a room. It is also important to consider the space and size of the room. You should always hire highly qualified, skilled and professional consultants to choose the best tiles for your home.

Whether you’re looking for ceiling tiles in your kitchen, living room or some other space, you need to conduct an extensive research to make an informed choice. Professionals will help you choose something innovative and trendy. Your needs, lifestyle choices, requirements and space will determine the type of ceiling tiles you use.

In addition to this, you also need to focus on the brand of tiles for your home. You need to buy tiles from a reputed brand that has been in business for a long time. The brand should also offer some kind of warranty to make sure you don’t have to worry about unnecessary damages.

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